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About Us

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Your project deserves an individual approach.  If you want to go beyond a one size fits all solution, we have the vision and experience to deliver. 

Your input is encouraged and respected. Using the collective creativity and knowledge of everyone involved brings a valuable sense of ownership and responsibility. One that will result in impact, meaning and a strong legacy.

Invite us on-site: we relish getting our boots dirty. Time spent in a space allows us to understand its context, breathe its air and experience it in all weathers and all moods.

Once we understand how a building or space will be used – and critically by who – we can start designing.


Our Values

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People First

We believe that people are the key ingredient to making great places to live, work and play; this is why we put them at the centre of everything we design. We think that delivering excellent, people focussed buildings is the best way to be consistently successful - great places attract more people, more people attract more business. Design for people, by people.

Think Left Field

Every project has it’s own unique characteristics, sometimes the best design solution is not always obvious. We take time to listen to our clients and seek to understand the individuality of each project through observation and analysis. These insights dictate our design ideas. We love this process, it leads to solutions of greater clarity and relevance, and sometimes takes us where we least expect!

Consider the Long Term

Most buildings we design are going to be here long after we’re gone. We want our buildings to be just as good in many years time as they are on day one, this influences how we design. We think about full life cycle costs, energy use, maintenance and future adaptability. True sustainability requires long term thinking.


Our partners have come out of the UK's largest architectural practices and travelled the globe to spark design creativity.  Now back home in north-west England, they translate that knowledge into a warm, people-first architectural approach that makes a difference.


Paul Kelsall RIBA
+44 (0) 7827 446 485

Paul is a strategic thinker who’s never afraid to challenge the conventional. Driven by an innate understanding of logic and space, he sees the big picture. Always willing to choose the less obvious option, his approach is based around creative analysis.

Paul is a talented designer with a knack for numbers who loves to get things done. Usually sporting odd socks, he can often be found with his sketchpad, pen in hand, brow furrowed.

His experience spans international projects including delivering Manchester’s First Street development for SimpsonHaugh and Partners.


Naomi Kelsall RIBA
+44 (0) 7814 721 819

Naomi is a creative optimist who loves to listen. With an intuitive understanding of people and places, she takes her inspiration from human interactions, cities, art galleries and the wonderful outdoors.  She understands the beauty in simplicity.

Naomi is never daunted by constraints. She relishes the challenge of conjuring up unpredictable and detail-focused solutions to challenging briefs. From the largest structure to the smallest, she brings an experimental, artistic approach to every opportunity. 

Her experience spans designing a rock star’s penthouse to co-ordinating multi-million-pound projects at practices across the world.

Naomi believes in the power of balance. Taking time out – being as well as doing – fuels her creativity.